Singles Box Leagues

Beckenham LTC has established singles box leagues for 2017.

• Players are organised in groups of 7-8 competitors based on playing level
• Players have 3 months to play all their singles matches.
• The Top 2 will be promoted to a higher group and the bottom two competitors will be relegated.
• In 2017, the box leagues will run to three rounds – April to June, July to September and October to December.

All members are welcome to join!

Please get in touch with John Pedevilla if you have any questions.

Round 1 (April/June) final standing
Box Leagues Round 1

Round 2 (July/September) Final standings
Box Leagues Round 2

Round 3 (October/Jan) – Current Standings
Box Leagues Round 3
Last updated 15th of November

Every game you player will count towards the Club Player of the Year competition.