Beginners & Improvers

Word of warning, Tennis is quite an addictive sport !

Whatever age or background, whether your goal is to stay fit, lose weight, try a new sport or make new friends, Beckenham Tennis Club can provide you with the means of achieving those goals.

Most of our members started as beginners and are now enjoying competitive tennis and even winning tournaments, as well as enjoying the social side of the club.

What does Beckenham Tennis club offer:

Free Saturday Group Lessons 2-4
Your tennis journey usually starts with the beginners/improvers group lessons.
They are dedicated to beginners and improvers and focus on technique and doubles play.
New players traditionally use these sessions to try the club and have a feel for the place. They take place alongside the club social play session and teas are served by members at 4pm. Most of the players carry on until their arm drops then head off to the bar for a well earned drink !
The coaching team will be monitoring your progress and once you have reached an intermediate level, you can join the main club session. This takes from 3 months to a year depending on how dedicated you are !

Coaching provided by WAM Tennis
Individual and group lessons are provided by WAM tennis and its talented group of coaches. Coaching is quite important as it allows players to improve at a much quicker rate and it prevents injury ! You can check out the coaching calendar on the WAM Tennis website
Our head coach Richard Whichello is a former world #1 junior so he will have quite a few tips to share with you !

Dedicated whatsapp group
The beginners and improvers have their own whatsapp group to organise matches or social sessions. It is a great way to get going and meet tennis buddies.

We organise tournaments for improvers.

Free Booking Court system
Beginners & improvers are full members of the club and can book any court to play on. Booking courts is free.

Access to sister sections
You can also join any other sections for a small price. The sports club offers running, cycling, hockey, cricket, squash/racquetball & veteran football.

Beckenham Sports Club Bar
The sports club has a fully licensed bar open 7 days a week which includes a pool table.

So in a nutshel, why not come down on a Saturday to try the club !
We can provide racquets if needed. We can then talk you through what we offer and also discuss your progression at the club.

To book a free taster session or if you have any questions, please email us on

So be part of history (John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl, Martina Navratilova all played here).
You will not regret it :)