2020 Open

BLTC Championship July – September 2020

Measure yourself against the best !

Open to performance juniors and adult members, the singles, doubles and mixed doubles events are contested on grass, artificial clay and acrylic courts.

Knockout Format Competitions:

Last updated: 10th August

Mens Singles & Silver Plate
BLTC Open 2020 – Men’s Singles

Ladies singles
BLTC Open 2020 – Ladies Singles Draw

Mens Vets Singles
BLTC Open 2020 – Men’s Vets Singles

Mens Doubles
BLTC Open 2020 Updated Men’s Doubles Draw

Ladies Doubles
BLTC Open 2020 Updated Ladies Doubles Draw

Mixed Doubles
BLTC Open 2020 Updated Mixed Doubles Draw

Vets mixed doubles (40+ Ladies/45+ Mens)
BLTC Open 2020 Updated Mixed Vets Draw

Supervets Mixed Doubles
BLTC Open 2020 Updated Mixed Supervets Draw

Fee: £4 per event.
Non-members fee (Singles only): £8

Please get in touch with John Pedevilla to enter and if you have any questions.

The 2019 draws will be available on this page on the 1st of April.

The finals are to be played on the 16th of September, when we will be holding a bbq.
It promises to be a fun day, make sure the date is in your diary !


Champions’ Roll Of Honour

Men’s Singles
2019 Robin Vercaemer
2018 Terry Coles
2017 Ryan Wollan
2016 Oliver Matthews
2015 Oliver Matthews
2014 Peter Kiss
2013 James Oni
2012 James Oni
2011 James Oni
2010 James Oni

Ladies Singles
2019 Sophia Hansen
2018 Sophia Hansen
2017 Julia Artamoskina
2016 Catherine Darby
2015 Catherine Darby
2014 Not Held
2013 Catherine Darby

Men’s Doubles
2019 Ian Green & Soren Hansen
2018 Matt Brolly & Adam Constable
2017 Ian Green & Soren Hansen
2016 Adam Constable & Brett Juniper
2015 Oliver Matthews/Robin Vercaemer
2014 Ian Green/Soren Hansen
2013 Ian Green/Soren Hansen
2012 Ian Green/Soren Hansen
2011 Gary La Pla/Andrew Searle

Ladies Doubles
2019 RaeAnderson & Jean Hunter
2018 Anke Bronius & Tami Hasegawa
2017 not played
2016 Catherine Darby/Jacqueline Darby
2015 Catherine Darby/Jacqueline Darby
2014 Rae Anderson/Wendy Cole

Mixed Doubles
2019 Sofia & Soren Hansen
2018 Sofia & Soren Hansen
2017 Tami Hasegawa & Ian Green
2016 Amnn Rajput/Anke Bronius
2015 Tom Cowan/Jacqueline Darby
2014 Soren Hansen/Tracey Bunney
2013 James Oni/Christine Oni