Tennis Beginners & Rusty Racquets

Tennis is a lot of fun and we love to include everyone who wants to have a go – you’ll love the social aspect and it’s great for fitness too. If you’re new to tennis, or would like to improve your skills with similar level players, then you’ll find a warm welcome.

When it comes to taking up tennis, the biggest hurdle most adults seem to have to get over is a fear of looking foolish. Children have a wonderful ‘have-a-go mentality’; they try new things all the time because of it. But as adults, we’re more cautious.

It means many miss out not just on healthy exercise, but also the social aspects of being involved with a game that can be rewarding and fun.

At Beckenham Lawn Tennis Club, we encourage older members to get involved with the club through adult beginner and improver-level sessions.

Each Saturday, from 2 p.m., beginners and improver-level players can take part in learning very basic drills, so they can become comfortable with the mechanics of the game: the weight of the racquet, what the ball does once it hits and ground and how you then connect back with it. All of our tennis coaches are available for individual lessons. So get involved!

The lessons help people who’ve perhaps never picked up a racquet in their lives, or who haven’t since school, to overcome that inbuilt fear or being no good, and show them that this is a sport that can be thoroughly enjoyed at some many levels.

The message is that people shouldn’t miss out on having a go because they think they are not fit enough, or that they have shown no interest in the sport too late in life.