Pedevilla Wins 2016 Beckenham Masters Title

  • 10th October 2016

John Pedevilla won the 2016 Beckenham Masters title on Sunday beating Elis Porter 15/15, then 5-4 in a play-off. An independent investigation is underway as to how the organiser won!

Group Murray: Jason Howe, Elis Porter, Tony Kazjar, Mark Linzey
Group Marray: Robert Hayman, John Pedevilla, Richard Moore, Olivier de Maximy

Group Murray Results (15 minutes per match):
Elis Porter d. Jason Howe 20-7
Mark Linzey d. Tony Kazjar 17-14
Elis Porter d. Tony Kazjar 20-14
Mark Linzey d. Jason Howe 19-11
Tony Kazjar d. Jason Howe 18-9
Elis Porter d. Mark Linzey 14-12

Final Standings: Elis Porter 54 points, Mark Linzey 48, Tony Kazjar 42, Jason Howe 27

Group Marray Results (15 minutes per match):
John Pedevilla d. Robert Hayman 19-14
Olivier de Maximy d. Richard Moore 19-6
John Pedevilla d. Richard Moore 24-13
Olivier de Maximy d. Robert Hayman 18-11
Olivier de Maximy d. John Pedevilla 16-14
Robert Hayman d. Richard Moore 17-13

Final Standings: John Pedevilla 57 points, Olivier de Maximy 53, Robert Hayman 42, Richard Moore 32

Semi-final Results
Elis Porter d. Olivier de Maximy 15-13
John Pedevilla d. Mark Linzey 19-13

Final Placing Results
Final: John Pedevilla d. Elis Porter 15-15, 5-4 play-off decider
Third Place: Mark Linzey d. Olivier de Maximy 17-15
Fifth Place: Robert Hayman d. Tony Kazjar 18-12
Seventh Place: Richard Moore d. Jason Howe 18-10